What a year that was.

So there it was 2020, what a year. To say it’s been hard for us all (especially you lot out there) is an understatement. 

We ran out of new bicycles in April and they only just started coming back into stock at the beginning of December, tyres and inner tubes became so scarce that we’re sure they were listed ahead of gold on the desirability scale during the summer but thankfully we have plenty now. 

For 2021 some big bicycle brands have bypassed Europe completely but as an Independent Bicycle Distributor we can be a bit more nimble than the big dealers and as a result we’re regularly sourcing affordable, high quality bikes for our customers. We may not have the biggest selection just now but what we have offers the kind of quality and value that we are proud to be associated with. Whilst it’s going to be a bit hit and miss for supply of e-Bikes until easter, we are getting the occasional gem in stock so keep calling and checking because we could well have just what you’re looking for.

Last year, as our suppliers raised their prices, we worked tirelessly to hold prices down and to prioritise our service to NHS staff and other key workers; it’s important to us here at Bike Pedlars to be part of and to support the community as a whole but none of this would have been possible without the 2 most important people in our business, the versatile, Uncle Jeff  and the lovely Fran my fantastic wife for longer than I deserve, her who does the books and lets me come to the shop. Without their unending support and my determination to keep our little friendly, Local Bike Shop open and available to you all, I think we would have failed. So now that Jeff has a new part time, occasional apprentice (miracle as he’s a control freak) who has helped us no end last year and my good lady has gone electric with the long division and 9 column red books we’re confident that we’ll be here for a while yet. Oh yes and of course if it wasn’t for Mark (our web guru) you wouldn’t be reading this. Thanks is not enough. 

There is a host of people that I am grateful to for their support and encouragement including all of you, our lovely loyal customers who keep spreading a good word for us, thank you all. I will try my best to keep you all posted and will keep trying with the “facetube” and I am still amazed at all the people that actually get this far down one my tomes, as me mam calls them!

We have some great projects coming up in 2021 with Bassetlaw District Council, Cycling UK and our very own Local mental wellness and support group at Muddy Fork which we will keep you posted of on Facebook @BikePedlarsRetfordLtd and instagram @bikepedlars_retford

Please, please continue to look out for each other and stay safe. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making us feel like a valued part of this great community.

Happy 2021.

Richard Bike Pedlar